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Seo heroes: definition and education

SEO Heroes are not that many, they are some kind of “chosen ones” in the SEO world. Indeed, each of them has brought something useful to the community, without bragging or making a a fuss for nothing.
This site is dedicated to SEO Heroes and those who are grateful, but also for those who would have the necessary motivation to pass the test and try to become themselves an SEO Hero.

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What is an SEO Hero?

We list here all the SEO Heros

Definition of SEO Hero

An SEO Hero is an experienced SEO who has been able to bring smart and creative solutions or information to the SEO Community. An SEO Hero can be national or international but in any case, he is always recommended by most of his professional peers, sharing valuable information, tips or advice through social networks, forums, blogs, conferences, podcasts, videos or hangouts.

This present to other SEOs can come in several ways: daily information, exclusive information, tests publication, analysis, patents decryption, and many other ways.

Detailed information about SEO Heroes

There are thousands of SEO heroes in the world, but many are not in the front of the scene and are however top notch professionals who deliver their clients the best advice and creative strategies possible.
These ones can be Heroes inside their team, their company or even for their customers who appreciate their advice and communication, pedagogy but also their excellent knowledge of search engines.

How to become an SEO Hero?

To become an SEO Hero, you first need impressive skills. You must master search quality algorithm and be able to determine what are the best ranking factors for each search engine you are targeting.

Most SEOs would think “it’s easy, come on, who needs a hero”, but in reality, few can be proactive enough to avoid filters or penalties and, most important, forecast how search engines’ evolutions months before they are rolled out.

The best way to become an SEO Hero is to train, work hard, measure, analyse, optimize, an so on. We met some excellent SEOs in New York (NY, USA) but also in many countries, in other continents. They have become SEO Heroes by training a lot, keeping aware of SEO news and publishing great content about their professional passion.

If you want to train, try and succeed in the new SEO Hero Challenge!

What can an SEO Hero do?

An SEO Hero can do many things, not only for himself, or for his clients, but also for the community. Sharing quality news and insights, providing professional training, giving valuable information and supporting companies’ development and visibility on search engines.

Generally, an SEO Hero can do what other basic SEOs can’t, for example:

  • perform tests
  • forecast new evolutions in search
  • be up-to-date and share best practices
  • provide state-of-the-art recommendations
  • define creative and meaningful strategies
  • and many more…

For this reason, not everyone can be an SEO Hero without training or experience.

Does an SEO Hero have super powers?

Being an SEO Hero does not mean you have super powers! Come on, we’re living in a real world, not in a comic!
How could you even think about that! :p

Where can I find an SEO Hero?

You can find SEO Heroes in every country, the most difficult part is to actually select the best provider as many professionals may pretend they have the sufficient skills to be an SEO Hero but that’s generally too much self-esteem/self-confidence.

One of the main quality of a Hero is to keep humble and be able to put himself/herself in question. Being able to say “I don’t know” is a real quality.
That would be one criteria you should evaluate when selecting your SEO Hero.

What diploma to be an SEO Hero?

There is not really any diploma for being an SEO Hero, the main criterion would be skills and search engines knowledge.

Indeed, according to you needs, the Hero must be able to define the best search conquest strategy to reach the objectives and drain qualified traffic to your site.

Some Heroes do not even have any diploma, but they all think outside the box, providing a satisfactory experience in SERP, and a great customer journey, fulfilling the visitors expectations through quality content and interaction.

So when aiming at becoming an SEO Hero, do not think about studies or graduates, think about creativity, experience, analysis, and above all continuous improvement. That’s the best curricular achievement ever.

SEO Hero Challenge

We designed a challenge in order to evaluate whether one can become an SEO Hero. It is based on several questions series, starting from the easy ones and getting tougher according to your progress in the test.

In the end, you can determine if you’ve got what it takes to become an SEO Hero, or if you still need some more training before qualifying for the final step. Try it now!