SEO Hero - 2017 Challenge

SEO Hero: The Challenge

Creating robust SEO solutions has been the hallmark of since inception of our business. With dozens of businesses that have benefited from our service, we know we have hit some commendable milestones. The challenge for businesses like ours is to separate hype from reality. Every Company in our range claims to be a "competitor" but we believe that in every game there must be a Champion. The records have been set, the experiences that we have also speak but there is a need to put a seal to what we do. In our quest to define our capacity and strength; we have created a channel that brings YOU into the picture.

SEO Hero Contest launched by November 2016

A Website Design Company is putting its money on a challenge! It will be unfair to declare our organization the winner without giving everyone a fair chance to battle for the crown. We agree that some Companies have made appreciable progress but the bar has been raised and we want to know who can crush it. The company is offering $50,000 to any organization that can beat them in this challenge. You do not need to breathe too hard as all the basic details you need to know will be shortly highlighted. The battle is on for the new face of SEO or better still for the Champions in the game.

The edge has given millions of businesses in various countries around the world something to cheer. We know that from the customer’s perspective, they have been declared winners. Our humble admission is that we have to engage every facet of our industry to know who truly deserves to wear the crown. Our fair and transparent system is not just about the money but to put paid to any rancor in our field. Every expert knows the components that characterize true leaders in our range. This is why we decided to float this contest and let the best minds compete for the golden ascent.

The next lines will give more flesh to the pattern in which we will run the contest but we need to make some things clear. Our pragmatic system does not give room for impractical processes that run against the integrity of our industry. We play to the highest standards because we know that we are building for posterity. This challenge is a way of entrenching rich values and helping everyone see the broad picture. When you sign up for this quest, you are connecting with a stream that evokes the right operating framework on a global scale. We are eager to see what everyone brings to the table and we hope to celebrate the progress made at each turn. It is time to take things to the next level.

What Is ? is a company that has vast digital marketing experience which has surpassed conventional expectations. With every sense of responsibility, we can say that we have created an awesome experience for all our stakeholders. We have helped millions of small business owners to have an amazing online presence. Our SEO capabilities are simply unmatched and we opened this contest to prove it. Our users have flooded us with endless rave reviews but we do not want to take their words for it; the company represents the creativity, dynamism and essence of what makes the SEO industry tick.

We know that we are the best so we decided to engage our community to truly establish this fact. Anyone who beats the company will get $50,000! We know many naysayers do not accept the facts about our SEO prowess. We don’t want to let anyone tarnish our competence that speaks for itself on our users websites. We have itemized a step by step guide on what you need to know about the challenge which includes how you can win the $50,000. We believe that anyone that has read up to this point believes they can step up to the plate. We are excited to help you come on-board so let us take this communication a little deeper.

Is There Something You Need To Know About the company?

The company’s powerful technology gives everyone the platform to get online with a stunning, professional and functional web presence. We have over 90 million registered users in over 190 countries that use the service to create their websites. It is at the forefront of a cutting edge movement that is continually raising the bar for players in our industry. Our pool of resource and human capital is drawn from very high benchmarks as we continue to blaze the trail. Many organizations compete to be the best in the industry but we know we are the best and we want to prove it. The context of this challenge takes it beyond a contest. It is our way of telling the world that we hold the ace.

What Is The Challenge?

We will create a new website optimized for the keyword "SEO Hero". Everyone that is up to the challenge can create their own website on any platform. At the set date for this challenge, a review will be made. Any website that ranks the highest for the above search term in 4 months time will be given the $50,000. In a sense, this challenge will help to open new vista of engagement and discussions in our industry. It will stretch our horizon and open new frontiers for every dynamic player. It is ideal not to stifle the process by trying to circumvent the rules for this task. We will be addressing some issues as we proceed but we need to highlight that the values of integrity holds true at each turn of this challenge.

When Does The Challenge Run?

The challenge runs from November 16 to December 16, 2016. The scheduled period for the moderator to do an online search for the winning term is from March 13 to March 15, 2017. The site that ranks the highest for the keyword "SEO Hero" on Google within this timeline will be the winner. If there is a draw at the end of the search, another run will be made on March 16, 2017 to find out who goes with the ultimate prize. The winner will be made known to the public exactly 2 weeks after the challenge has ended.

How Do I Enter?

Create a website in English (using any platform) about the SEO expert/s you’d consider to be heroes. Optimize it with the search term “SEO Hero”. The website that ranks the highest at the end of the challenge period will win its owner $50,000.

Can I enter after the competition start date?

You can submit your site URL from November 16 to December 16, 2016. No entries will be accepted after this date.

What SEO Guidelines Should I Use?

Follow Google’s guidelines for SEO (here’s the link). This is included in the challenge rules and you will need to follow these to keep your site in the running. In order to stay in the competition, your SEO Hero website must comply with all of the challenge rules.

Are There Any Grounds For Disqualification?

In addition, the following requirements must be met or you could be disqualified without notification:

  1. The domain you submit must be purchased on or after November 16, 2016.
  2. You will need to open an account with Google Analytics and Google search console by February 16, 2017, connect it to your SEO Hero website and add the judge as an admin.

What In The World Is Thinking?

We are thinking about YOU, the industry and posterity. We have realized that the information shared on each channel can hoodwink the uninitiated to make poor choices on SEO companies. There is little anyone can do to stop poorly groomed players from operating in our business. However, we know that little steps like what we have done can help create a clear difference. Our desire is to see you at the end of the challenge tunnel with a fresh understanding of what it takes to truly be a leader. We will quickly look at the ways that the three reasons we mentioned will define the future of our business.

Why Me?

We believe the challenge is for YOU based on a couple of reasons. If you truly care about your brand, you will discover that there needs to be something extra to show your proficiency. Everyone can put very compelling words that can draw an audience but it takes exquisite delivery to truly make a mark. This challenge will help you discover areas where you will need to grow and places where you may need to go! People get comfortable when they achieve some degree of competence but this challenge is pushing to earmark A-listers in our industry. YOU can be counted depending on how you perform in this challenge.

How Does This Benefit The Industry?

Anyone who knows how the SEO business began in the mid 90’s can attest to the fact that the industry has come a long way. Before the Google analytics became professionally honed, any keyword could jump to the first page when a search is done. This created so many concerns for both the surfers and those who were working behind the scene to kick-start the industry. Each turn brought new innovations that began to separate the crowd from those who truly cared about SEO metrics. The platform that was built is what has kept evolving to what we enjoy today. Our quest is to take the existing framework to a fever pitch mode with this all-encompassing challenge.

We are aligning with the dexterity of Google to the industry of chaff. This may not sound like a tall order but it has other underlying factors that go with it. You can point to your place in the field when customers see how you stood up to this challenge. It will help to whittle the noise that comes from the chambers of those who have raised so much dust in our business. Every industry defines how it wants to participate in contributing to the greater good of humanity. We know that the domino effect of this challenge will help to spur a new line of thinking in the industry. Everyone will appreciate the excellence that springs from each move as it relates to this challenge.

What Has Posterity Got To Do With It?

The realities of the future will hold us accountable if we fluff the opportunities in the present. We are looking at a tomorrow that will reshape the economies of the world, the social strata and upend certain philosophies that currently hold sway. We can rest on our present achievements while hoping for the best in the future but it will contravene the ideologies. This challenge is going to open a scorecard that will help us analyze where we are and how everyone can get to a higher operating benchmark. The question that begs for an answer is – Will you be up to this challenge?

A Little Admonition

We are excited at your desire to be part of this move. It is a testament of your resolute confidence in your SEO Capabilities. The downside of your trajectory is that we will not back down in order to help you save face. We know that the business environment thrives on every company claiming to be the ideal choice for the client. We are here to prove everyone wrong! Our admonition is that you should enter for the challenge but you must be like the sportsperson that embraces the victor at the end of each duel. The company is set to live up to the billing and we can’t wait to get the journey started.

What More?

The turning point for everyone that takes part in this challenge is that it won’t take long to experience the dawn of reality. Our joy is that 4 months is not so far away. You can begin to imagine and plan about what you can do with $50,000 if you beat us to this.


Seo heroes: definition and education

SEO Heroes are not that many, they are some kind of “chosen ones” in the SEO world. Indeed, each of them has brought something useful to the community, without bragging or making a a fuss for nothing.
This site is dedicated to SEO Heroes and those who are grateful, but also for those who would have the necessary motivation to pass the test and try to become themselves an SEO Hero.

Seo Hero Spip

What is an SEO Hero?

We list here all the SEO Heros

Definition of SEO Hero

An SEO Hero is an experienced SEO who has been able to bring smart and creative solutions or information to the SEO Community. An SEO Hero can be national or international but in any case, he is always recommended by most of his professional peers, sharing valuable information, tips or advice through social networks, forums, blogs, conferences, podcasts, videos or hangouts.

This present to other SEOs can come in several ways: daily information, exclusive information, tests publication, analysis, patents decryption, and many other ways.

Detailed information about SEO Heroes

There are thousands of SEO heroes in the world, but many are not in the front of the scene and are however top notch professionals who deliver their clients the best advice and creative strategies possible.
These ones can be Heroes inside their team, their company or even for their customers who appreciate their advice and communication, pedagogy but also their excellent knowledge of search engines.

How to become an SEO Hero?

To become an SEO Hero, you first need impressive skills. You must master search quality algorithm and be able to determine what are the best ranking factors for each search engine you are targeting.

Most SEOs would think “it’s easy, come on, who needs a hero”, but in reality, few can be proactive enough to avoid filters or penalties and, most important, forecast how search engines’ evolutions months before they are rolled out.

The best way to become an SEO Hero is to train, work hard, measure, analyse, optimize, an so on. We met some excellent SEOs in New York (NY, USA) but also in many countries, in other continents. They have become SEO Heroes by training a lot, keeping aware of SEO news and publishing great content about their professional passion.

If you want to train, try and succeed in the new SEO Hero Challenge!

What can an SEO Hero do?

An SEO Hero can do many things, not only for himself, or for his clients, but also for the community. Sharing quality news and insights, providing professional training, giving valuable information and supporting companies’ development and visibility on search engines.

Generally, an SEO Hero can do what other basic SEOs can’t, for example:

  • perform tests
  • forecast new evolutions in search
  • be up-to-date and share best practices
  • provide state-of-the-art recommendations
  • define creative and meaningful strategies
  • and many more…

For this reason, not everyone can be an SEO Hero without training or experience.

Does an SEO Hero have super powers?

Being an SEO Hero does not mean you have super powers! Come on, we’re living in a real world, not in a comic!
How could you even think about that! :p

Where can I find an SEO Hero?

You can find SEO Heroes in every country, the most difficult part is to actually select the best provider as many professionals may pretend they have the sufficient skills to be an SEO Hero but that’s generally too much self-esteem/self-confidence.

One of the main quality of a Hero is to keep humble and be able to put himself/herself in question. Being able to say “I don’t know” is a real quality.
That would be one criteria you should evaluate when selecting your SEO Hero.

What diploma to be an SEO Hero?

There is not really any diploma for being an SEO Hero, the main criterion would be skills and search engines knowledge.

Indeed, according to you needs, the Hero must be able to define the best search conquest strategy to reach the objectives and drain qualified traffic to your site.

Some Heroes do not even have any diploma, but they all think outside the box, providing a satisfactory experience in SERP, and a great customer journey, fulfilling the visitors expectations through quality content and interaction.

So when aiming at becoming an SEO Hero, do not think about studies or graduates, think about creativity, experience, analysis, and above all continuous improvement. That’s the best curricular achievement ever.

SEO Hero Challenge

We designed a challenge in order to evaluate whether one can become an SEO Hero. It is based on several questions series, starting from the easy ones and getting tougher according to your progress in the test.

In the end, you can determine if you’ve got what it takes to become an SEO Hero, or if you still need some more training before qualifying for the final step. Try it now!

Paul Sanches

Paul Sanches France SEO Hero
SEO Consultant at Impact Seo
- Less is more (...)

Mathieu Gheerbrant

Mathieu Gheerbrant France SEO Hero
SEO Consultant - Organic search
- I fell into (...)

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts United States of America SEO Hero
Digital Services Expert
- Built and (...)

Julien Jimenez

Julien Jimenez France SEO Hero
CEO at Korleon’Biz
- I think I am a determined person (...)

Michael Gray

Michael Gray United States of America SEO Hero
President at Atlas Web Service
- (...)

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SEO Hero skills

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy is essential to conquer new visitors.

It is a guarantee to align the business strategy and the website. These main axes defined upstream must aim at the attainment of clear objectives, from the arrival of the surfer on the site, to its transformation.

SEO Strategy

Conversion is therefore the key word. Different types of objectives will be distinguished:

  • purchase
  • Registration Form
  • Contact form
  • Number of page views
  • Etc.

Each site must therefore identify upstream objectives. In a context of traffic development, the referencing consultant is able to propose viable strategic axes to increase visits from search engines by focusing and ordering the pages of the site on the subjects sought by Internet users.

Content optimization is usually necessary, often accompanied by a real content strategy to develop the page catalog of the site and create relevant sets.

As part of a digital strategy, the SEO (natural referencing) takes a very important place. Between user visits, conversion funnels and the tree structure, the various search engine conquering strategies must present the levers to be used to achieve the objectives set, to convey messages and increase the reputation of the site, Company or brand by highlighting their digital assets.

A "content marketing" approach is often in tune with an SEO strategy. Content is an important resource that must be organized, optimized and used in a virtuous scheme that will put the site to work.

E-commerce SEO

SEO for E-commerce sites

Optimizing the SEO of an e-commerce site

An e-commerce site is more difficult to optimize than an editorial site or blog. There are various elements to consider that must not alter the ultimate goal of the online shop: conversion. Search Engine Optimization is therefore a very precise work.

For this reason, the referencing of an e-commerce site must be considered in a structured way and must serve relevance to the search engines, while retaining user functionality.

Qualified organic traffic = more conversions

The goal of e-commerce referencing is to work on queries to acquire qualified traffic, ie visitors who have a real intention to buy.

To do this, a precise search for keywords must be done beforehand in order to identify the best trends and to work both generic (very competitive) requests and wider requests (long trains).

Of course, the result of optimizations for search engines must be a perfect harmony between:

  • The structure of the site (optimized tree structure)
  • The content of the site (quality, enhancement, utility)
  • The popularity (diffusion, acquisition)

By aligning these elements, the three levers of natural referencing are activated, enabling the site to gain positions on numerous queries specific to your market segment.

If you have an e-commerce project or want to improve the visibility of your online store on Google and other search engines, feel free to contact me.

SEO Hero Rankings

Rankings are being updated please come back later.

To view SEO HERO results on Google in New-York City, here is the link.