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E-commerce SEO

SEO for E-commerce sites

Optimizing the SEO of an e-commerce site

An e-commerce site is more difficult to optimize than an editorial site or blog. There are various elements to consider that must not alter the ultimate goal of the online shop: conversion. Search Engine Optimization is therefore a very precise work.

For this reason, the referencing of an e-commerce site must be considered in a structured way and must serve relevance to the search engines, while retaining user functionality.

Qualified organic traffic = more conversions

The goal of e-commerce referencing is to work on queries to acquire qualified traffic, ie visitors who have a real intention to buy.

To do this, a precise search for keywords must be done beforehand in order to identify the best trends and to work both generic (very competitive) requests and wider requests (long trains).

Of course, the result of optimizations for search engines must be a perfect harmony between:

  • The structure of the site (optimized tree structure)
  • The content of the site (quality, enhancement, utility)
  • The popularity (diffusion, acquisition)

By aligning these elements, the three levers of natural referencing are activated, enabling the site to gain positions on numerous queries specific to your market segment.

If you have an e-commerce project or want to improve the visibility of your online store on Google and other search engines, feel free to contact me.