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SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy is essential to conquer new visitors.

It is a guarantee to align the business strategy and the website. These main axes defined upstream must aim at the attainment of clear objectives, from the arrival of the surfer on the site, to its transformation.

SEO Strategy

Conversion is therefore the key word. Different types of objectives will be distinguished:

  • purchase
  • Registration Form
  • Contact form
  • Number of page views
  • Etc.

Each site must therefore identify upstream objectives. In a context of traffic development, the referencing consultant is able to propose viable strategic axes to increase visits from search engines by focusing and ordering the pages of the site on the subjects sought by Internet users.

Content optimization is usually necessary, often accompanied by a real content strategy to develop the page catalog of the site and create relevant sets.

As part of a digital strategy, the SEO (natural referencing) takes a very important place. Between user visits, conversion funnels and the tree structure, the various search engine conquering strategies must present the levers to be used to achieve the objectives set, to convey messages and increase the reputation of the site, Company or brand by highlighting their digital assets.

A "content marketing" approach is often in tune with an SEO strategy. Content is an important resource that must be organized, optimized and used in a virtuous scheme that will put the site to work.